Our business culture and processes are built upon delivering the solutions to metering challenges. We value our people, their knowledge and expertise because they build relationships with our clients to understand exactly what they need. At Dermaga, we deliver turnkey, high accuracy, flow metering systems by partnering with clients from the start of a project through to system integration and installation. We provide full product and technology lifespan support, driven by our trusted after sales and maintenance services. Dermaga provides complete flow measurement solutions, by manufacturing, designing and supplying skid mounted or integrated packages. Our industry independence allows us to access the most appropriate equipment, and customise a solution as a cost-effective package. This is always driven with our commitment to accuracy and performance.

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navigate customers through the industry challenges by providing tailored metering systems. As a trusted global partner to the oil and gas industry, our experience, processes and client partnership make us the natural

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Our clients and experiences

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Manufacture, supply, deliver, hook-up and commissioning flow measurement systems for custody, fiscal, allocation, operation, well test and wet gas system for ;

  1. Orifice Meter
  2. Venturi meter
  3. Wet gas Venturi Meter
  4. Cone Meter
  5. Ultrasonic meter
  6. Turbine Meter
  7. Coriolis Meter
  8. Flow computer system
  9. HMI Systems Integration & configuration
  10. Sampling System
  1. Metering systems upgrading works
  2. Engineering & design for metering systems
  3. Configuration and troubleshooting for any type of flow computer
  4. Measurement System software configuation & validation
  5. HMI software configuation
  6. Metering system maintenance contract
  7. Automatic Sampling System Upgrade
  8. Meter calibration and troubleshooting
  9. Metering station servicing and upgrading works
  10. Gas regulator maintenance & service
  11. Pump maintenance & service
  12. Supply, install, configure and maintain DP meters monitoring software
  13. Supply, install, configure and maintain asset management software
  14. Metering skid design & fabrication
  15. Pipe spool fabrication
  1. Orifice meter
  2. Orifice plate & flange
  3. Venturi meter
  4. Wet gas Venturi meter
  5. Cone meter
  6. Ultrasonic meter
  7. Turbine meter
  8. Coriolis meter
  9. Densitometer
  10. Flow computer
  11. HMI
  12. Valves
  13. Gas regulator
  14. Pressure gauge & Pressure transmitter
  15. Temperature transmitter
  16. Instrument valves
  17. Tubings & Fittings
  18. Pumps